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    Monday, April 9th, 2012
    3:04 am
    Let's close this club~
    Gotta try to get the last bits of the trip down, can't let it just get lost as I sleep all day and realize how long typing each update takes me x_x;

    FinaleCollapse )

    Realized while unpacking X3 On this trip I got:
    9 shirts
    3 magnets
    3 pairs socks
    1 concert program
    1 cd
    1 eco-tote

    I went to:
    3 museums
    2 specialty stores
    1 awesome concert ♥
    5 total hours of karaoke

    This isn't counting presents bought and received - eeks, I'm already done with the chocolate covered macadamia nuts XD; Apparently, THAT is how you do a concert weekend in NYC over 4 days with a handful of benjamins. I found out on the trip home that you can't switch your flight without paying a fee anymore - it's only free if your flight is cancelled. Also, I saw a Japanese couple with a big bag of concert goods in the Chicago airport during my layover X3 I was too shy to go up and hassle them though ^^; I tried to take pictures over the course of the days and I've been swiping pictures with abandon when people actually post them X3 And of course it's all another legendary meet-up via L'arc. ♥

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    Sunday, April 8th, 2012
    3:10 am
    T-T So finally, to the best of my ability, I will try to record for my meager broken memories the concert day itself. Part of me kind of wishes that I could write a great concert report the way Laura does, but my reports are always just for me~ DX; I'm not hardcore a fan enough to write a report for other fans~ I can barely remember setlists and all the details of the stage and I don't notice much about actual music details either DX;;;;;

    JERKSCollapse )

    UGHGGHG x_x I am so k.o. And I know there's stuff I forgot!
    There was karaoke after the concert, but I'll cover that later. For now, I must wash and sleep and then go to Easter Mass in the morning.

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    Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
    11:41 pm
    NYC 2012, little by little
    @_@ While I can still remember and keep steam going, I'm flagging but I gotta keep trying!

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    3:31 am
    NYC in 2012!
    Don't even know where to get started~ @_@ I was basically anticipating this trip for two years! But it did not disappoint! Courtesy of L'arc~en~Ciel, yet another weekend of legend! An ichigo-ichie once-in-a-lifetime meet-up of bonne chance!


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    Sunday, April 1st, 2012
    1:03 am
    new MRI data
    Well, the NYC trip for L'arc is over now, and I'm still recovering. My throat doesn't feel raw anymore, but my voice is still shot. Still taking cough stuff for the expectorant. Report of trip and concert will follow within another week I figure.

    There was all kinds of kerfuffle with my Copaxone for this trip. I was looking forward to seeing how traveling with medicine was going to go, but it looked dicey after the pharmacy refused to send me more since March is my 1-year mark and my prescription was technically over. They said that maybe they could see as to getting me a one-month supply in the meantime, since my appointment with Moon wasn't until the end of the month, but multiple messages left with his office went unanswered, and I still needed to schedule an MRI before the actual appointment (and in the few days remaining when I wasn't in NY). I finally got another month's supply sent to me, so I only missed two days of injections, and I finally got someone on the phone in the doctor's office to remind again of the time constraints on my appointment. Finally got a call back - MRI was the morning after I got back from NYC, and the doctor's appointment was the day after that.

    Well, I was pretty darn tired that morning n_n I tried extra hard to pay close attention while driving to the MRI place in Fayetteville. I was afraid I dozed a bit on and off during the actual MRI, and I thought maybe I jerked awake (once I had been having a weird dream where I got a papercut on my finger and I felt myself jerk in the dream). When I asked though, they said they didn't notice any problems during, and later said it was an especially clear image. Being in the machine unable to move can make you paranoid that you're moving and not realizing it. But the headpiece they put over you, plus the headphones they put on me to play classic rock to be soothing and cut down on the noise of the machine, really did help my head stay in place. I noticed when I was filling out the forms that it said that it would be with and without contrast, so I asked if I was going to get a shot. Turned out to be a simple butterfly prick to put the contrast in, but still, I was groggy and simply tried my best to not jerk in anticipation of a shot. I actually felt worse for a big street thug looking black guy that was waiting to go after me - he was getting a body MRI, so he had to wear the thin gown. I just had to take off my necklace. I guess everyone's got their problems.

    Stopped by the Friendly Book Store on the way home, and I picked up the dvds of Rurouni Kenshin, the old Samurai X OAVs and the new Reflection, for total $3. But then I just went home and slept. At least my doctor appointment next day was later in the afternoon, so I didn't have to get up as early. Got there just in time. They noticed that my blood pressure was high when they measured it, and it had been a tad high last time I used our cuff at home, so that's something I have to try to keep an eye on, just in case.

    As to the MRI, when Moon came in, he mentioned that the new image was actually BETTER than the old one. I had simply been hoping that there had been no change, that it hadn't gotten worse, but he said that two areas that had been a bit acute in the old scan (one in the cerebellum, another in the left hemisphere) were actually barely noticeable now. I know that it used to be thought that brain damage was permanent and never repaired itself, but this has been proven definitively untrue in recent years. It's certainly nice to get personal confirmation of this! I really hope I can avoid it getting worse at all! I try to avoid thinking about it so that I don't get caught in a vortex, but I do worry about this MS degrading, suddenly or at all, especially to the point of real disability.

    Well, naturally, in the face of this, he's renewed my prescription for another year. A follow up appointment six months from now, unless there's a development like a symptom episode. I feel I can breathe a bit easier, but I still just try to hold steady. I don't like the idea of letting myself get giddy just to fall later. But this is good. It's really good news that takes away one worry for right now.

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    Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
    9:51 pm
    ._. Got into a car accident today. I'm just glad Andy wasn't with me in the car while it happened, he was waiting for me with Raul and I was headed their way.


    The entire time, even now to a lesser degree, I was just on repeat - I cannot believe this. I can't believe this happened! I wasn't expecting this at all ._. Two cars in the shop twice in the same year? I just hope I get a car again before the end of the year! I.. well, I've said it enough already.
    Both front airbags deployed, so I wonder if it's going to end up assessed as totaled ._. Need to get up early and have Dad drop me off at middle school tomorrow, then hopefully someone will give me a ride from there to the library so I can wait there for Dad to get off work. I don't feel like walking. My right foot hurts, tensed up and then trying to brake so hard. Of course now that it's been a couple of hours, I'm feeling a bit more sore all over. Mild scalding feeling on my left hand from the airbag. There's a scratch that looks like maybe my watch pressed in and broke skin; the emergency people put a bandaid on it. I'm just glad noone was injured n_n The other car wasn't hurt nearly as bad as mine either. And since those big worries are out of the way, I go immediately into just dreading how much money it'll all cost, how much inconvenience it causes, just feeling bad about it happening at all. This just sucks ._.

    Double unfortunate - I was planning to go to St. Louis with Andy this weekend. We've been planning it for weeks. We were going to stay with a friend of his there, she was looking forward to seeing him again. I feel really bad about that part especially ._. But we're not going to manage it with only one car right now. Unless there is a sudden development that produces a car, the trip is off ._. It was going to be such fun too... What I really regret though is disappointing Andy and his friend ._.

    Aw... this year has been rough.


    Took a hot bath, washed my hair. Now that it's past, I'm getting sore. The paramedic pressed at my back and neck to make sure there was no pain, so this is just muscles. Neck sore, hope I don't sleep wrong and make it stick. Right ankle is a bit sore, slightly swollen, small scratch from my own shoe. Also noticed a small faint bruise on my front hip. I wonder if it pressed into the steering wheel? The hot water wasn't awesome on my burned feeling parts of my hands, but they're okay. The left wrist definitely has a bruised swollen area where my watch apparently jabbed it, but it's not bleeding any now. I put some Neosporin on my sore arm, hands, and ankle. Will maybe spray it with Lanacane before we leave for work tomorrow. I hope the kids aren't jerks!! T_T I washed washed washed in my hot bath to get the smell of airbag off me. I haven't washed my hair by actually immersing my head underwater since I was a child. I lathered, rinsed, and repeated T_T Andy called while I was in my bath, but I got out to answer just in case. I was going to call him tomorrow, but it was good of him to call to check that I was okay.

    Starting this month of Thanksgiving, I already am reminded of things I have long been thankful for but should never STOP being thankful for. I'm thankful my dad and I have each other. If something does happen, the other is there to help out and take up the slack. I had someone to call for a ride home, and someone to share a car in the meantime. I'm thankful I have insurance. So many people don't. I would be lost without mine, all kinds. Something like this would've broken people I know. I can get by. I'm thankful for small favors. Noone was injured, it could've so easily been worse. Even these small pains of mine are the worst I've ever been injured by anything in a vehicle, so that's something. I'm thankful for our kitties T_T ♥ A purring kitty cures so much.

    Still, I wouldn't mind winning the lottery.
    Monday, September 12th, 2011
    6:27 pm
    The Year of Customer Service (Gone Wrong)

    Just got off the phone earlier with tokidoki, about an order I placed two months ago when they had a flash sale and also offered free shipping. First I waited a month, and then e-mailed them, to find out that they had changed their policy about PO Boxes and had put my order on hold. Without telling me. I can only assume it would've been on hold forever if I hadn't asked them about it. I gave a street address (which I am leery about since we don't receive regular postal service to this address) and was assured that it would be sent immediately. Weeks pass. I send two more e-mails, at least a week apart, nothing. Finally, I called their non-toll-free help line and was told that nothing had actually been done since last time. The nervous sounding service guy (Isiah?) apologized and assured me that I would be billed and it would be sent off immediately. That was a couple of weeks ago. Noting that I haven't been billed and have heard/received nothing, I call them AGAIN, noting when they pick up that this is the fifth time I've contacted them for service on this order. (Also noted that the guy who picked up is the same one, Kevin, who e-mailed me about it originally, do they only have like, two tech guys???) After being on hold for a while so he could contact the distributor and other offices, I am assured that it will be sent out and I should be billed today. After hanging up, I actually get a call back from him retracting the previous statement. As it turns out, they have recently changed systems and my order is so far back that it's on the old system, and thus the shipping department can't process an invoice for it. Therefore, I have to give him my credit card information again so he can place a new order. So, after all this trouble, I got his e-mail, a new order number, and a very slight discount on my original total, with assurance that the order will be expedited out to my PO Box immediately. As their change of policy on PO Boxes is that they can't track them and confirm delivery (bull, by definition all Priority can be tracked by how USPS handles it, and they could always just add delivery confirmation), and today I was told that it's also according to how much the order totals to (an accountability issue?), he told me that it would be shipped to the PO Box and he would take accountability for it if anything should happen.

    Overall, this is the best handling of customer service so far this year. I actually got some of my issues answered, they offered a discount for my trouble, and I hope to actually receive it. I cannot believe what a year this has been for trying to get any reasonable help. It seems so ironic to come off Japan back to US and encounter endless trouble trying to get our country's effusive customer service departments to even play straight with me, much less help me out. Geez, how long ago was it when I had that infuriating brushoff with UPS. And love of GOD, Borders.

    At the same time as tokidoki, I was going back and forth with Mertado over an order I placed when they had a super special months back. I expected it to be a while before they shipped, and I did get a notification that it was sent out. But then suddenly I got an e-mail asking me how I liked that item I'd just purchased, and I went to check the shipping number to see why I hadn't received it yet. According to UPS, it was delivered and signed for in Georgia, mission accomplished. I zinged that information back to Mertado with a thinly veiled tone of what the hell????? I actually got a call from them almost immediately after I sent that e-mail off, letting me know that UPS had screwed up the delivery and ended up sending it back to the warehouse. Geez, it would've been great if the tracking had said THAT instead of a big ol' check mark with a DELIVERED next to it. I was assured that it would be resent out that following Monday. So, two weeks later, I e-mailed them again, wanting to know what was up, was there a shipping number I could track again, anything? Hello? A while later I got an e-mailed reply that they had actually had to order me a new one entirely from the manufacturer, and it would be sent as soon as they got it in. Wha huh? Okay? This week, coming back home from work, I see a big box sitting on the ground next to our locked gate. Guess they didn't want to bother with sending me a tracking number or anything the second time. And for once this season I was glad it wasn't raining. Also, is Mertado associated with Amazon, because that's what box it came in o_o It seems to be in okay order, and at least it's OVER and done with. That's such a sad note about any transaction, that at the you're just glad it's finally finally over.

    I really wonder what's up with my karma this year. If all this trouble is a trail by fire to make it okay for me to have something good happen later, then I've weathered it. And Lord knows I'd love to have steady work in the new year, some more work by end of this year, some direction to work for. And I have been weathering things okay. I'm doing alright, and hopefully can keep afloat. I sold off some unused loli stuff to pay my car insurance, and hopefully can sell my red AP jsk to help me get by till Christmas. I got some business taken care of during the state's first tax-free weekend this Summer. Managed to swing some L'arc 20th L'anni concert goods despite it all (even though those JERKS are putting out a hoodie just like the 15th one, and I want it want it want it DX;;;; but NOES). Still putting my change in a jar for the anticipated L'arc concert next year (they've already confirmed at least New York, but what if they added something near the Bay Area...! oh, my hopes!). Manged to get my pension money in and splurged on some stuff I'd been wanting (like a garment steamer!) at great prices. Just gotta manage to bull my way through all the snares. I'm pretty lucky to have my home and my car and my Dad. And the kitties X3 Because things aren't so bad if you have a purring kitty.
    Saturday, August 20th, 2011
    1:42 am
    Summer won't stop...!
    I've actually been calling people, and I see them on FB, so I don't update nearly as much even when I want to! Basically, at home there's so much more to do and distract me.

    Well, Thursday I went out and had lunch with Andy since he just got back in state from Hokkaido. Four years! And I hadn't thought of it before, but he really was more cut off than I was. Up there he wasn't seeing stores with new American releases and such all the time, was watching different channels, and so much more of his time would be taken up by driving to and from work. He said he gained weight his first year, which surprised me, but the driving would do it X3; All the walking is what caused me to slim down in my first year, but once your body adjusts to your lifestyle, you gain it back ._.

    I didn't realize at first that his family lives in the same house I remember as a child! The neighborhood has changed, so I didn't realize until I was up at the front door! I recognized the steps and entry, and the stone area out to the left - I think there used to be a statue or something in there. XD; Ahaha, and that king crab up on the wall~ That's what I remember most about their house.

    It was kind of nice to talk to someone who knows the whole JET and Japan experience. He was with about 14 different schools, all little kids, so there's a lot of differences between what we were doing, but there's a lot of essentials that stay the same. HAH, and it was fun to talk about how one of the first things I did in my new apato was order take-out pizza - he did too XD; He even hung up the first call from being confused like I did. Also the experience of your town getting something awesome right before you leave DX; For me it was that mall off my station in my last six months or so. His city suddenly got a market carrying foreign foods. Ahaha, and I need to take him an India omiyage next time I see him X3 He's here for the rest of the month, then going back to San Diego, but will be back to take a trip with his family for his birthday, and then he'll be around for a while this Fall. I'm sure I'll pester him into doing stuff. He gave me a Hokkaido butter sandwich with raisins (it was very tasty! and rich), a fan that says Nandeyanen! (XD;;;; ), some cute tissue packets, and an Anpanman pen.

    I was going to the county fair with him, but it was so hot. We just ended up getting pizza and then I took him to a Best Buy nearby so he could get the latest Sims, then coffee XD; Which overlapped with seeing Sadie to cement plans to go to the fair with HER that evening. Evening was probably best to get it a bit cooler, but it was still so hot with not much of a breeze going. I was all about trying to go Thursday if anyone was up for it because I came into these discount vouchers for armbands, but only good on Thursday. Aw man o_o The carnie business can't be going well - they charge so much! I mean, fairs are always overpriced, but it seems like it's hardly worthwhile to take a full family out for those prices! Geez, we had to pay 5$ each to get in, though that covered our parking also :/ Then there's tickets. I wish the games used tickets too, because I would've tried a lot more, just for fun. I think we only barely got the value of our armbands back in actual use, but it was a fun experience anyway. Got to go out and see the fair, which neither of us had done in YEARS. She bought some knick knacks, we saw some animals (from the drive-thru safari zoo 9_9; ), went on some rides X3; We were kind of babies about the rides, avoiding the most extreme, but probably for the better because I ended up getting so sick. @_@; She worried about which ones she was able to ride too. Aw man, thank goodness they at least set up some small bleachers off to the side of the fair so I had someplace to sit; I felt so dizzy. Lying down helped a bit, but I could feel the vibrations through the ground of the whole thing, and that didn't help the dizziness go away. A lemonade helped some though - both in swallowing an allergy pill to get some ibuprofen and clear my sinuses, and in the ice. I was way overheated. But at least that was after we did stuff, so we were kinda done. Went to an all hours cafe downtown after that, had some French toast and tea, key lime pie X3 Just talked and sat still for an hour or so. Then since I was feeling better, I tried to go out and get shopping done before going home since that was on my list for the day X3; Geez, being woozy leads to weak judgement. Bought energy bars and make-up and frozen fruit bars and s1 of Walking Dead since it was on sale, and s3 of Big Bang Theory o_o

    Ugh, I thought I might go out again today since it's the third Friday so they had something going on in downtown Rogers, but I felt so OFF all day. So heavy-headed and sleepy, I slept most of the day. My stomach felt a bit off too, it's been weird. I wonder if it was from being so overheated yesterday, or maybe just from being a tad dehydrated + getting motionsick? I dunno. Even if it'd been cool enough, I couldn't go out walking like I have been this week. But it's up above 95 again, so that's out DX; I mean, Wednesday it was 95 and I still walked, but when I went to check the mail it was 98. No sir. NO.

    My birthday kinda crept up on me, and nothing happened. Dad was going to a retirement party for Jose at a catfish place in Fayetteville, so I went with him last Saturday and had a pound of snow crab X3 It was delicious reaping my pound of flesh from the seas~ ♥
    Oh, and Renee got me a birthday present of my Amazon wish list :3 How sweet~ X3
    Ugh, and am having troubles with items that I order on extreme sale actually shipping. Tokidoki is giving me a headache with putting an order on hold for a month without telling me because they don't want to send to a PO Box, then even after giving them my rural street address it's been weeks and nothing. Then something else I ordered e-mailed me asking how I liked it, and I haven't gotten it. Checking the tracking number, UPS simply claimed it was delivered to Georgia, and signed for, and refused to give further information. I will give it to Mertado, they were speedy calling me after I e-mailed them about this, and got it sorted. UPS made a mistake and ended up sending it back to the warehouse. They'll send it out again on Monday and I'll get a new tracking number. I swear, just when I think I couldn't trust UPS less, they mess with me again.

    And as a random thing in my life, I made curry not long ago, and opened a box of Indian spice to add to it, and it had a sample cd of Indian music o_o; It says I can collect all 5~?! It's apparently the Colors of Indian Music collection. Mine is the Vibrant Music of India - State of Punjab. o_o; It's got 8 tracks, a mix of vocal and instrumental. This should be interesting.

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    Monday, July 4th, 2011
    6:52 pm
    rainy yet hot?
    Well, for fireworks, it's been an ideal 4th of July weekend, in that it's raining just a little and then clearing up X3; So people don't have to worry about setting the world on fire, and still have most of the day to do everything they want. I made a massive barrel of stew, man, it took forever to cook o_o I have no idea why. At some point we just left it and went out to shoot some rockets and a couple of fountains, then when we came in it was perfect. So obviously the secret ingredient was patriotism.
    Yesterday I put some steaks on the grill outside, but sadly while I was inside something on the grill grate caught fire and one side of the steaks got a bit charred DX; Still okay, but seems a shame to not have stuff cooked like you want. Today, we're having the most American meal of all: leftovers. X3 Stew will last through today and maybe tomorrow. Thinking of when I want to get the standing mixer out to make dough for deep dish pizza. There's a recipe for it I want to try, and seems simple enough other than making the dough.

    Also, for the holiday weekend I've been going through my new ReBoot dvd box set X3 Nothing says AMERICA like outdated cgi cartoons from Canada. ♥ It's really interesting to look at now, especially since I haven't seen a lot of it in a long time. The episodes are pretty clean, and you can see how they learned fast in each ep of s1. I'm just really impressed at how clear it is how s2 is better than s1, and then s3 is better than s2. Usually it's not quite THAT marked. But then s4 feels rushed.
    Also trying to get reviews written for the library's summer reading program :x Thought I'd try to participate. Tomorrow I'll be able to contact school admin to get updated information for my resume (I think the person in charge of subs has changed) so I can apply to a couple of positions. I really hope something works out this month, it would be great to get the OPTION of thinking of some things before the end of the year.
    Thursday, June 9th, 2011
    10:31 pm
    I don't need to feel this way about Italy.
    Ugh, it was so hot there for a while. In not just temperature, but in that outside there was NO air moving. You just broiled. Last weekend we both tried to do stuff outside, but we couldn't make ourselves. We'd walk out the door and walk right back in minutes later. At least this week we have a nice breeze going. I went for a walk last week, and this week I've gone down to the Indian Creek park to walk a few times. It's just gotten more and more crowded down there. Dad says that one of the guys he works with has just gone down there with his family (the other park they went to was already full), and they got one of the last three spots (the other two were taken by the end of the night). I just drive down there on my way back from getting the mail, parking down where the public boat dock is, and then walk up the campground one way, and then to the swimming area and back. All together it's maybe not quite as far as our road, and with the breeze off the water it's nice. Man, the water is high! The swimming area has a couple of picnic tables underwater. Lots of people with boats of course; when I walk up through some camp area, I can see the marina and it's been full for a while now. There's just a neverending stream of people towing boats down Indian Creek that we have to be careful of :x Still, at least the weather's nice. It's hot enough to cover you in sweat if you move at all, but the breeze makes it almost feel nice to sweat, and it's hot enough that you hang out outside because you dread getting back in your sweltering car. When there was no breeze it was just killer out there. Walking into shade suddenly felt like being splashed with cool water.

    Ugh, the ticks are out in force too D: We have to keep the kitties up to date with their drops because they are getting bit out there, and they're catching and eating stuff too. Last time Jackie ran out, he ran to help Diana stalk a lizard. Next time I went out, he was chomping on it while she sat nearby.
    Our vet has moved away from Advantage Multi for the kitties :x I got enough to last the summer, but after this the vet is going to have a new drop for the kitties called Revolution. I wonder what the difference is... but we generally trust the vet to know what's best.

    To change the subject, the library surprisingly had the dvd for Hetalia o_o So I thought I'd watch it since I'd read some of the manga. The manga I tried because so many people I know were talking about it, but I couldn't keep up with it because I didn't want it to effect the way I felt about the actual countries 9_9; I thought I'd just give the anime a try. When he saw I was getting that, the teen librarian mentioned that he was a little surprised at all the bias, but I wasn't really all that surprised by it when I read it. I know now that he was meaning the anime DX; Good grief, it's ridiculous! Nobody's going to learn anything from that! It's all so random and keeps jumping around! And wow, they cranked up the offensiveness so far they broke the knob D: I think it's interesting that for the dub, they had to take it up even farther to push past the offense and make it 500% comedic so it would be acceptable in any way. All the moreso because I really don't think the Japanese staff intended it to be so offensive! The anime is much more pointedly so than the manga, for a start. I know there's some ribbing in there, but I think it's honestly one of the many many many many many many examples of Japan being unbelievably inappropriate without meaning to really offend anybody.

    XD; All the worse because when I read the manga I thought that honestly a lot of people were probably going to finally understand some of WWI now. The way the anime keeps jumping around and punching you in the face with jokes, I don't think you learn much at all. Also worth noting that any show that needs that many footnotes is a) probably not doing a good job of conveying any information in the first place, and b) maybe better in another format. Not even getting into the anthropomorphic issues that occur when you make characters of actual countries. Oh, Japan.
    Thursday, May 19th, 2011
    12:51 am
    No, really this time...!
    Aw man, just when I posted about the moratorium on flipping tables, then I go and completely lose my cool over L'arc. Good job, L'arc. Well played, you jerks. *halfhearted sarcastic clap*

    But srsly, like that wasn't going to happen. 6_6 Truth be told, I'm flipping out over something every couple of days, even if it's mostly just in my mind.

    Like, right now, I'm going crazy over how I can't find some of my graphic novels. I'm really getting the reshelving done, and have set aside a couple of shelves for my non-manga stuff, but there's some I just can't find. And I have NO idea. For instance, how the hell does one lose one of those big all-in-one copies of Bone? That thing's a bible! It's a stack of phonebooks! Yet NO IDEA. I've already given up a big and got some of the newer color editions when the Borders went bellyup. :/ Still, missing a couple and kinda pissed because this is the THIRD time I've bought this stuff! Man, it's a good thing I like Jeff Smith and wish him all the best.

    And I could SWEAR that the tpb of X-Men: Days of Future Present was MINE. I know we had it, but I could swear that it's MY copy, not Renee's. I know Renee is the one who had Days of Future Past (though I thought I had that one too...?). Regardless, it's not something to seriously contend because why would she have it, much less with her and not here? I even went mad and dug through a good half dozen of her boxes, but no dice. (Though I did find her Dark Phoenix Saga, From The Ashes, and her copy of DoFPast. Aw man, I gotta get my own copies of the two former, I like reading them. Classic before people started overusing the word classic. On the other end of the spectrum, she had X-cutioner's Song?! Man, that was awful!)

    And I can't find my Sandman: World's End either. What the..?! I found two others, which I didn't even remember having, but not that one, which is actually my favorite of the series and the only one I like rereading all that much. Where could it be....??????

    And in other news, not only am I getting the shelves worked out, but I'm doing spring cleaning on the posters on my walls too :x We moved in during my second year of college, so my room was bare white for a while, but after seeing Renee put up her posters, I got in a mood to erase all the starkness and managed to put as much as I could up on my walls. This means though that these are all very old posters, spanning a childhood and adolescence. From back when you just collected whatever you could, because it was hard to find anything, so there was stuff I'd never even seen but somehow still had goods. I gave a couple of stacks to the library for their teen nights and anime club and whatever, after feeling out if that was cool or if I'm just hassling them by using them as a pop culture trash bin. A lot of it I'm keeping though, and tried to artfully move some of it to allow for new flow. I finally started to get some of my Macoto Takahashi prints properly framed, and I actually got two of them up already. I have two more pending, and I'm thinking of what I'd like framed and hung next. Maybe one of those period photos I took with Sadie...? Or another kind of art print? Maybe actual photo prints, like some that Kevin printed out or some of my photos? I dunno, I can't do too much anyway because of just shelling out for the framing that's already been done :x Really, my room is about the only space I have to consider too - the house is kinda full up. We've used all our spare wall space for bookshelves. We do have a couple of spaces with hung art, but we like it and don't really want to move it. MAN. I really wish we didn't have particular windows that serve no purpose, but there ya go :/ Mom put a premium on windows. Though honestly, it's on the lottery list we mentally keep. After other higher priorities, a few windows would be great to get rid of and just have wallspace. So. C'moooooon, lottery~ :O

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    Monday, May 16th, 2011
    10:43 am
    AUUUGGHHH DX;;; <- that, except it goes on FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER

    Japan is really pulling out all the stops to try to get me to make a huge fool of myself. I finally gave in and realized it was just not smart, responsible, or possibly even sane to try to go to Japan for L'arcs 20th L'anniversary in Tokyo with Laura this month. I say that, but I roll in agony inside every time I think about it. I keep going slightly crazy and thinking about how I could plan for it to be cheaper, but I always have to smack myself out of it because even "cheaper" is still putting me back over a thousand DX;;; Paying them back for the ticket, and paying for the airfare, and probably paying for my car to be parked at the airport plus to get to an airport where the airfare wouldn't be rapey, and eating, and train fare, and concert goods, and and and TOKYO. Just to name a few. T^T

    AAAAUUUUGGGHHHHHH, and this morning I finally see a text from Laura that she and Catherine have suddenly come into TWO MORE SUNDAY TICKETS WTF DX;;; WHY SUCH A CREEPY SEDUCTIVE KIDNAPPER, JAPAN?!!

    It's failtastic torment, true facts. My life is just that orz.

    NGL, I'm looking at airfare quotes at travel sites right now T_T;;;; It's just... I don't.. ToT\\\\\

    LOVE OF CHRIST, I could get a flight via JAL from HERE to Narita for 933, what the..?! BUT EVEN! I MEAN. THAT RIGHT THERE IS STILL, YEAH. AND THEN THE EATING AND well, you know this already...

    I owe thousands. And thousands. I mean, I won't sell a kidney, not gonna be knifed in a dark alley, I exagerate, but STILL. And I don't have full time work. And the SANITY.

    I'm at the library right now. I got a ride there since my car repairs are gonna take a quoted 4-5 hours. I txted Laura back about calling her about it, but she's going to sleep at 7:30a her time (THAT'S the Laura I know and love!) or otherwise I'd be standing outside the library on a cell phone just... screaming? Or more like wailing like a lost baby animal? It's not clear. Ugh, one thing that does tamp me down a bit is knowing that after the taxes and fees, even those ridic air fares are gonna be somewhere between 1200-1500 at best. Not gonna happen.

    Not gonna happen.


    I'm sorry, Japan. And you tried so hard...!

    Monday, April 18th, 2011
    11:04 am

    Last time I was in Borders to check on the shelves, I asked about taking them out, and I was told that the liquidation company would be there for several days after they closed and that was pickup time as well. Therefore, I felt we had a good window to get them. We can't just go up when we like since we have to rely on Jose for help carrying them and the use of his flatbed trailer.

    The store closed Sunday.

    Go by today to check on what times they're open now that the store is closed, and I am informed that the last pickup day is TODAY, BEFORE 5pm. WTF. EVERYTHING else is gone, we were not called, what the hell is this??? Furthermore, the liquidation is over, and they are closing the doors of this store PERMENANTLY tomorrow at 5pm, so after that it's just not possible anymore. Today is actually the last day for fixture movement, tomorrow is them doing other stuff on that location. I'll stop by later to make it clear that we'll come by tomorrow so we don't show up and see they decided to close early. Dad's going to have to take a day off, and I won't be home to sign for a package from the pharmeceuticals, DAMN IT. We could go get Patsy's pickup, though the bed isn't really long enough for that, and it would involve LIFTING the shelves up on it. If we absolutely have to, we'll just show up to move the shelves outside into the alley and wait for Jose to get off work so he can help us, which he HOPEFULLY can tomorrow. Although just carrying them out is going to be a job if it's Dad and me.

    Apparently the mistake I just couldn't stop making was believing ANYTHING that anyone in the store told me about this whole exchange.

    Christ, they look at me like I'm crazy when I was so shocked too, saying that I'd been told there would be several days after the actual closing. I'm treated like I'm being completely unreasonable and weird with every new twist on this, and that makes it even more infuriating. AAAAAAGGGHHH, I just cannot BELIEVE this!

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    Thursday, April 14th, 2011
    3:01 pm
    poor kitty...
    Aw man... ._. Ace had his hematoma repair surgery on that swelling on his ear, and I brought him home yesterday. Unfortunately, not only does he have to wear one of those sad cones around his neck, but he has to stay confined for 10 days so the sutures don't get messed with. We have to check to make sure his ear (which still has a slit in it) stays clean, and to disinfect it with peroxide, and give him pain medicine in his other ear twice a day. Poor boy! It's so hard for him to even eat with that stiff cone! We had to work to come up with solutions for that. At first I had him in the guest bedroom downstairs, but we moved him to the adjacent bathroom instead. Less stuff for him to mess with and hurt himself with. We put a litter box in there for him, and keep a light on. All of this until next Thursday when we take him back to get the sutures removed! He just cries all the time in there, and when we go in to see him now and then, he is DESPERATE to rub his head against us, but can't DX; He keeps knocking stuff with his cone and it's confusing him. Aw man, he always wants attention and love even without it, but being alone and unable to come up and headbutt us is making him crazy antsy.

    The Friendly Bookstore came in and got their small shelf next to our main three at Borders, and SOMEONE (I don't even care who) took apart one of those blocks that was just taking up space on the wall, so those three are good to come out now! The one by itself farther along the wall will take some more work, probably just taking down the small shelf up top, but UUUGGGHHHHH, I'm so happy that we're going to have it OVER WITH. We're hoping Friday or Saturday. Depends on when Jose can help us and bring his trailer. Hopefully all of the shelves will be fine and work for us too. n_n Rrrr, Borders... *shakes fist*
    Sunday, April 10th, 2011
    6:38 pm
    Aw, poor Ace's ear has swelled up! Like it's full of something, but it's firm, it's just so swollen! Took him to the vet and she found bit marks on it. She says that some of the blood vessels have been damaged. The buildup can't just be drained, it'd take surgery to fix the ear, and it may not be the same afterward. We could leave it like it is, and it might not end up being a big deal, but there's also the possibility he could die ._. *siiiiggghhh* So of course we're having the surgery done on Tuesday. Together with the office visit, that's about $300. It's not unreasonable, but it's just one thing after another. Poor fella.

    Jackie made a big leap and starting going outside, not minding so much if the door closed behind him, and roaming far and wide. He sometimes still wants to run back in, but he seems to have gotten over his big fear. I wonder what scared him so much! Ah well, we gave them all their drops now that the weather is so nice and they'll want to stay out longer, and it's nice that he's wanting to go out again. He loves outside.

    What do people without cats talk about? I know some people with dogs talk about them a lot too, but maybe it's simply desperation due to lack of cat.

    Ever since that big lightning strike that messed up the computer, our antenna is having problems. We only get 4 channels upstairs now, and one of those is the Spanish channel =_=; Strangely, we get more downstairs, and different ones at that. Either way, both have suddenly LOST access to other channels. I've tried doing repeated channel scans and moving the antenna, but nothing is really making a difference. I'm not even sure who we would call :/ I don't even know if it would make a big difference getting a new TV (if we could even afford such a thing!) instead of having the old antenna setup. :/ Aw man, what to do... What really annoys us is that we don't get PBS upstairs anymore, which is mostly what we watch. Although I am a bit glad that still get NBC downstairs because I do watch Late Night sometimes 9_9;;;; Eh, we're not big on TV, but we like having it, and we like what we actually watch.

    Getting used to the injections. I'm starting to have more side effects now, some itching and swelling at the sites. :/ I've heard back that those are totally normal and should reduce in time, so I'm avoiding panic. A few times I've noticed a drop of medicine on the spot afterward, and I wondered if I was doing something wrong, like not having the right angle, but Dad tells me that's normal too, so I'm not too worried. Not like it's a lot or prolonged. Really, this is all just my body reacting. At first it was just, well, THAT happened. But now it's happening every day so really, the point of this omgwutD: reaction on my body's part is totally valid. Really, why did I do that??? 6_6; Poor thing. It'll get used to it.

    On the Borders front, went in since they've got a sign up that there are 7 days left open to public. The person who bought all the short middle regular stacks apparently came and took them all. They've closed the other entrance and all the books are piled into one corner of the store near the entrance and cashwrap. Some of the other stacks and shelves have been taken as well. However, this reveals another issue :/ The stacks that jutted outward from the wall, creating a wall between sections, even after being removed there's a block still attached to the wall. In order to pry any of the side ones out, some leverage is needed. I asked about it, to see if the liquidation company could maybe take those next since they're taking out all the misc fixtures to completely clean out the store before vacating, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for a response. :/ Also, the evidence of um, the STORE, and again being told to come get the shelves whenever notwithstanding, when Vu called them before going to get his ladders, he was told to wait for a call =_= They're not being used, so he IS free to come get them whenever, but no, no. *sigh* Added to this is how if we can't get leverage from the side, then we'd be left with trying to pry the shelves free from the top, but for that (and it's not an ideal solution), we'd need to disassemble the small top shelves, and the ladder rains are attached to all of those. So it looks like their lack of communication with each other is going to result in everyone who's left coming all at the same time next week to get all the remaining fixtures out of the two exits.

    Ugh, and I have to get on my taxes ._. It's not too complicated, but eh, I have to figure out if I need certain forms for my pension refund I got :/ Need to actually sit down and do it and get it all mailed this week.
    Monday, March 28th, 2011
    3:51 pm
    glue, eh?
    Update on the shelf situation. Went to the Friendly Bookstore downtown today and noticed that they had some of the Borders shelves in there. They must be the ones who bought the three that were on that corner that have actually been removed. I felt around the edges and stuck my fingers behind as far as I could to see if I could feel any plaster, but it seemed all good. There were a couple of small pieces of painted plaster one one edge that flaked off, but not much. I asked the people working there, and none of them had been there when these were taken down and put up in the store, but they let me look at the two that were in their back room, and called one of the guys who had done the job. He said that they were glued to the wall - but only three small spots. They pried them away with just a screwdriver and they just popped out with a little nudging. They did take some paint and plaster off the wall with one of the shelves, but even though the backing is much thinner than I thought it would be, it didn't snap or crack. In the store, they had put pieces of 2x4 on the wall behind them, so they could screw those into the wall and screw the shelves into the board, just to make sure it's extra tight and won't budge. (And frankly, the Friends of the Library are mostly over 60, and mostly women, so they would've been reaching hard to get to the top three shelves. Best if it doesn't wobble easy so it topples down on them.)

    This leaves me a sliver of hope that things will work out and we can get them home and they'll work. I don't want to get too worked up yet. For now, best to just wait it out and keep from thinking about it till we know. But this also means that we would DEFINITELY need the shelves on either side of ours taken away first so we can have the room to get some leverage to pry the shelves out from the wall. :/ But I think this will be a problem for those people even moreso, seeing as they go flush to the corners. I guess that means that the big double-sided bookshelves that jut out to make the "walls" between sections will have to be taken out first, giving the people on the ends room to pry theirs out, and so on and so on down the line.

    Ugh. Just thinking about those double-sided shelves - we were lucky to find out those were double-sided 9_9 Those were our original purchase. We were told they were all single-sided, and also that they weren't heavy, would be no problem to move. Dang. I wonder if anyone who bought those also was told they were single-sided and are just going to be surprised. n_n But hey, even with finding out about those being double-sided (which btw, they did go back and forth on every time we were in the store), we still ended up surprised with the single-sided ones we had marked for us instead. The guy at the Friendly Bookstore said he wasn't surprised they weren't very helpful, after all they all pretty much lost their jobs, but still, this has been a sales disaster for us and they've just been a pack of idiots, with us paying for their idiodicy. I hope we can just cruise in there and get them without a problem. YEESH.

    Ah well. Till the end of April then.
    11:15 am
    Man, what a shit year.

    Was in full rage mode all of Friday due to the Borders debacle, but calmed the hell down and pushed it aside. There's really nothing left for now but to wait till the end of April, when they're closing definitely and most people have taken their fixtures away, to see if we can get in there and get ours out. With nothing surrounding it, the truth should become clear. Glued in, not glued in? We'll see. For now we've got the individual shelves and brackets and screws and bolts all piled in our front hallway, waiting.

    Frankly, letters can be written, angry phone calls made, but effort to outright get money back is a straight shut out, and any more is likely to just cost more money, and that's not something that we can easily take right now. Saturday dawned to reveal that lightning from the storm Friday night had blown some fuses, knocking out our well and the computer. Taking it in, looks like probably just knocked out the power supply and didn't fry anything deeper in. They're still running diagnostics, and frankly we were in a line of people with similar problems. The thunder apparently woke Dad that night, it was so loud. He thinks the strike was pretty close. So that morning ended up costing us another $500 or so :/ And I noticed that even though I just got the oil change done for my car, with us sharing it and Dad driving it every day to work, it's going to need another oil change in a week. Probably an alignment too.

    For now, not much we can do but keep on keepin on. I sent in my forms to see if I can get even my copay for my Copaxone paid for by assistance from the medical company, and I need to get on my taxes. :x I'm trying to figure out if I technically need to include my Japan pension refund on my STATE tax forms, since it's not taxable income. I know it needs to go on my federal regardless as foreign earned income, and then it'll get subtracted right out again. *siiiiighhh* ._. On the up side, when they came out to fix the well, their records showed that they were also the company that put in our filter system, so they took a look at it, and will be replacing the filters sometime this next week. So we'll finally get that leak fixed. Also, since we don't have that overly large water heater anymore, they're free to extend the pipes out another foot and a half so it's not so cramped in there.

    We're doing okay. But this is testing us.

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    Friday, March 25th, 2011
    1:30 pm
    You forgot to spit in my face, Borders.
    Well, went by today to meet the general manager, which is actually the manager to this store whom I've seen in there countless times. Why send someone from any other store or from district after all when you absolutely do not give a fuck.

    So despite the fact that I've spent half the week going in there to get information about the shelves we bought and we've been trying to take them out, it's all a huge waste of time. I've been informed by the manager that they know nothing, and thus are not responsible for telling us anything about the shelves. They cannot assist or instruct us in removing them. Our signatures on the invoices waived all our complaints, and we have them as-is.

    Despite the fact that that is not what we bought. We didn't even buy as-is when we originally went in, the guy told us it came with other things too, and wrote this on the invoices, so I guess that means we actually bargained up.

    Despite the fact that we have asked endless questions, been given constantly contradicting answers to all of these. Don't "buyer beware" me - we were FULLY involved in what we were getting. And what we were getting was SNOWED. Since they knew nothing, they really shouldn't have told us anything. The fact that they DID tell us, many things, means nothing as they didn't actually know anything, and the manager claims that our signatures on the invoices put it all on us. She outright denies that it was a misrepresentation as they do not actually have any information. The fact that we were GIVEN lots of information regardless is apparently of no consequence.

    And frankly, she is in no way intereseted in what was said, by whom, or why. It is quite simply not her problem.

    I hate this. I am so fucking pissed that I started crying, and am just glad I left before I started. But with this state, there's no staying to argue it out with her. I absolutely HATE being screwed and HELPLESS. I HATE IT.

    Are they in fact glued to the wall? Is that we can't get them out despite our many efforts? WHO KNOWS. It's now our responsibility to get them out however we can. We are invited to wait till all the other people who bought shelves and fixtures around us have taken those out. She repeated a couple of times that nobody else has had any problems, so I suppose we have the honor of being the first.
    She also says this like the store is half empty. Only 3 slim shelves around a corner have been removed so far, and that is a clusterfuck of info in itself. There is a huge patch of rough plaster where one used to be, and we were told in turns that those were / were not glued to the wall. Ditto to the others. We can see lines where the edges of the other slim shelves were. Were they glued around the edges? We've heard answers from employees saying yes and no. I was also told at one point that those were taken to be dismantled, not that they were sold. They might as well say they were eaten by elves, because it's not like their word means shit.

    The very fine print of the invoice:
    "All items sold 'as-is', with no warranties or guaranties, expressed or implied. Buyer is required to remove any item purchased hereunder and assumes any and all risks and responsibilities associated with such removal, including, without limitation, the responsibility for providing licensed and bonded professionals to ensure proper water, gas and/or power disconnection. Buyer assumes full financial responsibility for any damage or liability to person or property resulting from any negligent act or omission of buyer or any of buyer's empoyees, agents, or representatives during pickup or removal. Buyer is soley responsible to provide any personnel, equipment or materials needed to pickup and remove all purchased items. Absolutely no allowances are made for claims or shortages once items have left the store. Buyer may not abandon items purchased by buyer and in event buyer does not remove the purchased assets by the pick up date, buyer shall be obligated to pay damages to seller in the amount of $500/day unless otherwise agreed."

    We asked all our questions beforehand and were assured that we understood what we were buying. This has changed a couple of times since, and so have the assurances. Most of what we were told has turned out to just flatly untrue, several times over. What they sold us actually turned out to not be what they said it was at all, so we then had to switch to other shelves. If we hadn't come in another time and found that out, I imagine the situation would be much the same - not their problem or responsibility. Now it's unclear if what we've bought will suit our purposes at all, but Borders has claimed no liability for this, and if we even give up and just leave them there, screwed out of almost $400, we'd then be fined for leaving them. Apparently since they knew nothing, they can't be held accountable for telling us whatever came to into their heads anyway as if it were fact, and regardless, since we signed the bill of sale, we have signed over any right to complain about anything about it and have to just do whatever possible to remove the items, or pay a penalty. I'm starting to wonder if other people who haven't been back since buying fixtures will be surprised by what they got when they come to remove it. Also, since we were originally told to wait on a phone call before picking them up (then told we could come whenever, then told they weren't allowed to take them apart yet so wait, then told to come whenever we want), I wonder if that phone call for a lot of people will be when they're closing up - the phone call saying to get these out before a certain date or you'll be fined because the property has changed hands.

    They've already been obviously disengaged and at times outright rude since the close was announced. I don't care if it's just these employees, I'm now glad that Borders is sinking as a business, that this store is closing, and that I never did get temp work there. This is shitty business, and even if things work out well and we end up getting them out with no problem and have the shelves, it's not a positive resolution with this nasty taste in the mouth.

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    Saturday, February 19th, 2011
    4:06 pm
    uuugggh, sick...
    Uggghhh, I feel so awful...

    I stayed in bed for a while, and I had such a headache. Even after trying to get up I have a terrible headache and my sinuses ache. I woke up so stopped up. I drank some water and had some crackers so I could take some cold medicine. I keep drinking water.

    Last night I noticed some roughness on my jaw, like near my chin. This morning I noticed it had moved up around my cheeks too. It just feels sorta swollen, and not smooth. Now my whole face is so hot! I tried to eat a frozen strawberry bar, thinking food + cold would be good. Just a little while ago I threw up a lot of water, and strawberries. Ugghhh... x_x Seems pretty much a flu or something. Dad asks if I'm hurting anywhere else, but I did end up walking a couple of miles yesterday (Dad had the car and I had work, so I walked from Elmwood to the library, and forgot the library was closing at 5 on Fridays, so then I walked to Wal-Mart to wait).

    Felt a little lighter after throwing up, but I figure that's because my stomack wasn't bothered. Ugh, gonna try to sleep again?

    Okay, I took a half dose of Nyquil and took a nap for a couple of hours. I still feel sick, but not as ridiculously so as I did earlier x_x I also find it encouraging that I was actually hungry, so I ate some crackers and made some instant chicken noodle soup, adding more broth and chicken and some egg. I'm so tired, and sore, and I feel wobbly. Feel sorta bobbleheaded. Still got a headache and fever, but I'm not so terribly hot as I was before. Ugh, I hope I wake up tomorrow and I feel normal. Dad has a 3 day weekend, but schools are still in, and I got a 2 day job for Monday and Tuesday. It would be too ridiculous to finally start getting work again and then have to cancel any.

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    Sunday, February 13th, 2011
    4:19 pm
    Well, was able to go out and shoot with Dad today X3; 495 and 490, but neither one with any outside the 9, so not too bad. He walked up earlier today to get the paper and drive my car down. I wish he'd tell me before he went like that, I worry. I also miss calls to my phone so often!

    Friday we both took a walk up to the car to see how the road was, and if nothing else we figured we'd get the paper(s) and if Indian Creek was okay we'd drive up to the post office to get our mail too. Ugh~ n_n; I'm glad I have these old boots to wear, but I need to get an insole to cut up to put on the heels, because that walk gives me blisters on my heels. Walking in snow is such a pain anyway. Because it was so thick, I just sort of shuffled. We saw plenty of deer and bird tracks, and halfway up we saw tracks from a dog. (Dad said he saw wildcat tracks today.) The actual roads were fine, dry even! This snow was so fluffy, you could sweep it away, even as thick as it was. We're pretty lucky that we were just outside the worst of it, and that the temp went up to the 50s and 60s right after. It's melting off in a river right now, I came in because my feet were getting to squishy X3; My old shoes have too many holes to wear out in any damp. Eh, I should just throw them out...

    My back was sore after, and is still a little, but I think that's just from lying around so long. After all, the puncture was on Monday, by Friday it should've been just fine. It's just that walking a 3/4 mile in snow up the road and then as much back isn't how you go about making your back unsore 9_9; My next appt is on Wednesday, so we'll see how things go. No real surprises I think, at this point. Mostly it's wool gathering to lock in their best guess and not give insurance much to grouse about when it comes to having enough data. What really gets me is that I'm not really doing much yet I get so tired. Eh, for now I'll continue trying to keep off the blood thinning meds for a while longer and keep chugging water.

    We have enough food in the house at most times to really see us through, it's just that we run out of bread and milk, but even on that we're fine as long as we have power X3; After all, I keep evaporated milk in cans, and I have baking materials 9_9 I'm just so grateful we didn't lose power at all during all this. Though I am getting a bit antsy being stuck DX; Aiya, trust this to happen all while we don't have the CRV; we would've been fine to come and go with that! But with my Civic we're a little limited. We are getting caught up on our backstock of dvds though. Heh XD; Dad got a boxed set of Buck Rogers, so he's been watching that mostly. I got King Kong for like, 5$ back during Black Friday, along with some other stuff really cheap, and I finally watched that with Dad X3; Man, I forgot how insanely long that thing is! And a good hour, hour and a half maybe?, was just King Kong fighting T-rexes XD; Went through 3 seasons of animated Batman. Got both seasons of Pushing Daisies for a good price, and finally watched it all T_T It's so great! Why are so many damn perfect shows cut down so soon??? Ugh, I was talking to someone else who said that Firefly is continuing in comic form, and I know the season 8 of Buffy is pretty cool in the comics, but I'd really rather just have more episodes of Firefly ._. And it's so weird to think how long it's been now! Eh, just started on s1 of Dollhouse because I got it for like, 10$. Watching it in sequence is better than randomly like I had before, but it still strikes me as not as good as it should be. :/ And I can practically SMELL Whedon pandering sometimes. Does he really have trouble getting other stations to sign him on? Does he HAVE to go with Fox? It doesn't seem to work out well for him.

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